Artificial Intelligence

The current leap in the power and availability of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems is having a major impact on military technologies, be it the development or improvement of “autonomous” weapons, the optimization of battlefield management systems or the automatic identification of military targets. In each case, the black-box decision making of AI-enabled systems and the challenges of human control and ethical responsibility require measures for the accountability of machine processes and the regulation of weapons systems that influence human reasoning. However, the responsible use of AI to analyze and filter huge amounts of data and to identify traces and patterns is an important tool for arms control.

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Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik
Panel discussion with Thomas Reinhold, Niklas Schörnig and Liska Suckau

Workshop at PRIF with Participants from Research and Practice

Webinar with Dr. Elisabeth Hoffberger-Pippan and Dr. Thomas Reinhold

Disciplines of peace and conflict research in dialog: Synergies, similarities and differences with scientific-technical peace research

TU Darmstadt

Workshop at PRIF with participants from research and practice

TU Darmstadt
Scientific conference at TU Darmstadt with Christian Reuter and Niklas Schörnig

Edited volume by Thomas Reinhold and Niklas Schörnig

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