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This fol­lowing section gives a short and compre­hensible overview about how we collect and process data. See the next section on this page for the full Privacy Policy.

What we collect

  • Domain name or IP address of your device,
  • the file­name and URL you requested,
  • the http response code
  • the web­site that might have referred you to our site.

How we collect data

Data col­lection about the usage of our web­site is automated, but without the use of cookies.

What we use the data for

  • Technical ad­ministration and hosting
  • Anon­ymous traffic analysis via Matomo.

Further­more we use the data

  • Only within the legal frame­works
  • For abuse de­tection and bug fixing
  • For possible requests by state authorities.

How long we keep it

We process and store the data only for the pur­poses given above, and only for the period nec­essary to achieve these purposes. In case of a longer storage period pre­scribed by law, we are obliged to store some data for this longer period.

By means of this data pro­tection declaration, we would like to inform the general public of the nature, scope, and pur­pose of the personal data we collect, use and process.

The fol­lowing paragraphs describe which data is col­lected by using this web­site, and how it is used.

1. Collection and usage of data

Every access of our web­site and the files stored there is being logged in the server log files. The pur­pose of this col­lection is the correct delivery of the content of our web­site (according to Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO), and for internal statistics. This infor­mation will be stored no longer than six months.

The logged information, in detail:

  • The name of the downloaded file,
  • date and time of access,
  • the amount of data transferred,
  • the HTTP standard response code,
  • your browser type,
  • the Referrer URL,
  • the current IP address of your device.

Ad­ditional personal data is not stored automatically.

2. Transfer of Personal Data

There will be no transfer of personal data to third parties without your consent.

3. Use of Matomo

On this web­site we use the web analytics service Matomo to analyze and review the use of our website. The sta­tistics obtained allow us to improve our offer and make it more in­teresting for you as a user.

We operate Matomo in a version that does not require cookies. Thus, no Matomo cookies are stored on your computer for the pur­pose of web analysis. For the analysis of web­site usage, your IP address and infor­mation such as timestamp, web pages visited and your language set­tings are collected. We store the infor­mation collected in this way on our server in Germany for a period of 365 days. Data is not pas­sed on to third parties.

This website uses Matomo with the ex­tension “AnonymizeIP”. This means that IP addresses are pro­cessed in a shortened form and a direct re­ference to a person is excluded. The IP address trans­mitted by your browser via Matomo will not be merged with other data collected by us. The le­gal basis for the use of Matomo is Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. f DS-GVO.

Preven­ting the use of Matomo is possible by removing the check­mark in the section below (“Web analytics service Matomo: Opt in or out”) and thus activating the opt-out plug-in.

In this case, an opt-out cookie will be stored in your browser, which prevents Matomo from storing usage data. If you delete your cookies, the Matomo opt-out cookie will also be deleted. The opt-out must then be reactivated when you visit our site again.

The Matomo program is an open source project. In­formation from the third-party provider on data pro­tection is available at

4. Integration of third party providers: YouTube

It may happen that YouTube videos are embedded within our website. The operator of the corresponding plugins is YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. When you call up a page of our website that contains such a plugin, your browser establishes a direct connection with the YouTube servers. This tells the YouTube server which pages you have visited. If you are logged in with your YouTube account, you enable YouTube to assign your surfing behavior to you personally. 

If you log out of your YouTube account before accessing our website, such transmission of information can be prevented. 

If a YouTube video is started, the provider uses cookies that collect information about user behavior.

Anyone who has deactivated the saving of cookies for the Google Ad program will not have to assume such cookies when watching YouTube videos. However, YouTube also stores non-personal usage information in other cookies. If you would like to prevent this, you must block the storage of cookies in the browser.

You can find more information on the handling of user data in YouTube's privacy policy at: 

YouTube is only loaded with your consent, i.e. no data about you as a user is transmitted to YouTube if you have not given your consent. Only with your consent can the videos be played, and thereby also data be transmitted to the YouTube server as to which of our Internet pages you have visited.

By activating the service, you voluntarily consent to the aforementioned data processing. This also includes your consent to data processing outside the EEA, in this case in the USA, in accordance with Art. 49 (1) a GDPR. In countries outside the EEA, the high European level of data protection cannot necessarily be guaranteed despite careful selection and commitment of the service providers. In the case of data transfer to the USA, for example, there is a risk that this data can be processed by US authorities for control and monitoring purposes without effective legal remedies being available or all data subject rights being enforceable. You can revoke your consent at any time.

5. Data Protection Officer

PRIF has named an ex­ternal Data Protection officer to ensure your rights as users of our site and com­pliance with Date Protection legislation.

Mr Heinz Eifert
gds – Gesellschaft für Datenschutz Mittelhessen mbH
Auf der Appeling 8
35043 Marburg
06421 / 804 1310

Feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer in case you need more in­formation that this Data Protection Notice did not offer, or if you need additional information re­garding data protection at PRIF.

6. Your Rights

These are the specific rights you have

  • Right of confirmation/access
  • Right to erasure
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Right to data portability
  • Right to object
  • Right to rectification
  • Right to object

The contact info of our supervisory authority:

Der Hessische Beauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit
Postfach 3163
65021 Wiesbaden

Security Notice

PRIF maintains cur­rent technical measures to guarantee for data se­curity, in particular to pro­tect your personal infor­mation against risks during data transfers, as well as know­ledge acquisition by third parties. Com­munication via email, however, does not provide full infor­mation security, so we advise you to corres­pond by mail.

We reserve the right to modify this data pro­tection notice at any time. Should any such modifi­cation change the purpose of the storage and use of data, we will en­sure proper documen­tation and compliance with current data pro­tection legislation.

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