Project coordinator of CNTR joins Deep Cuts Project as arms control expert

Disciplines of peace and conflict research in dialog: Synergies, similarities and differences with scientific-technical peace research

First open access publication in the new series is online

Dr. Dorian Scholz gave a talk about the state of the art and future of robotics

Co-Head of the research group “Chemical and Biological Weapons Control” receives most important German funding award for his work in physical-organic chemistry

PRIF is hiring a researcher (m/f/d) in full time for CNTR research group

The internal event provided an overview of the field of technology-oriented futurology

Workshop at PRIF with participants from research and practice

A brief ride through the field of quantum technologies for peace and conflict researchers

Una Jakob mentors young women in the field of non-proliferation, arms control and disarmament

Thomas Reinhold successfully defended his dissertation

Interdisciplinary exchange with Peter R. Schreiner in Frankfurt

The internal event provided an overview of the history, motivation and process of technology assessment

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