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Elisabeth Waczek

Knowledge Transfer Officer

Laura Bannan-Fischer

Knowledge Transfer Officer


Press Releases

Frank Kuhn
Project coordinator of CNTR joins Deep Cuts Project as arms control expert

Thomas Reinhold, Liska Suckau, Niklas Schörnig, Frank Kuhn and Abdulla Korkusuz stand next to eachother.
Disciplines of peace and conflict research in dialog: Synergies, similarities and differences with scientific-technical peace research

Hand with a white glove holding a tiny computer
First open access publication in the new series is online

Man giving a talk in front of a screen and CNTR roll-up
Dr. Dorian Scholz gave a talk about the state of the art and future of robotics

Peter R. Schreiner talking
Co-Head of the research group “Chemical and Biological Weapons Control” receives most important German funding award for his work in physical-organic chemistry

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