CNTR Fact Sheet on Artificial Intelligence

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Third open-access publication in the Fact Sheet series is online

The third CNTR Fact Sheet by Dr. Thomas Reinhold (CNTR/PRIF) provides an overview of the characteristics, development and current limitations of artificial intelligence. The German-language publication also highlights the technology's various applications within the military realm and outlines legal and ethical issues regarding the application of artificial intelligence.

The Fact Sheet on artificial intelligence is part of CNTR's Fact Sheet series. The Fact Sheets are published on a regular basis to make the project's research findings available to a wider audience and to counteract disinformation. These short-format publications provide facts and figures as well as short explanations on CNTR’s research topics. CNTR Fact Sheets are available as open-access publications on our website.

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About the author:

Dr. Thomas Reinhold is is a researcher at the CNTR research group “Emerging Disruptive Technologies” at PRIF and at the Chair of Science and Technology for Peace and Security (PEASEC) in the Department of Computer Science at TU Darmstadt. He works on the societal impact of technology and the challenges of interaction between humans and computer systems.

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