Frank Kuhn Becomes Member of the Young Deep Cuts Commission

Frank Kuhn
Project coordinator of CNTR joins Deep Cuts Project as arms control expert

The Deep Cuts project has added Frank Kuhn as a new member of the Young Deep Cut Commission

The Deep Cuts project was founded in 2013 and consists of two commissions: The Senior Deep Cuts Commission and the Young Deep Cuts Commission. German, Russian and US arms control researchers and former practicioners seek to advise and inform decision-makers and the general public about current developments of arms control through problem-oriented policy recommendations and publications. The project analyzes how arms control can function under the difficult conditions of conflict and mistrust. It seeks to contribute to stabilizing current affairs. Its approach builds on the ability to maintain dialogue on stability and nuclear weapons even in difficult times.

Frank Kuhn is the Project Coordinator for the Cluster for Natural and Technical Science Arms Control Research (CNTR). His research interests are nuclear deterrence, arms control and nonproliferation, as well as military technology and strategy.

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