Strengthening Science-based Peace Research

Peter R. Schreiner giving a talk in front of the CNTR logo
Interdisciplinary exchange with Peter R. Schreiner in Frankfurt

On July 13, 2023, PRIF hosted Prof. Dr. Peter R. Schreiner, PhD, for an inter­disciplinary exchange. Peter R. Schreiner, co-head of CNTR’s research group “Biological and Chemical Weapons Control”, gave an overview of his profes­sional career and the areas of research of his working group at the Justus Liebig Unviersity Giessen.

Prof. Schreiner’s team at Justus Liebig University conducts research on a number of innovative concepts in organic chemistry, including organo­catalytic reactions, nano­diamonds, and quantum mechanical tunnel effects. In his lecture, he presented examples of some of the methods and patents developed through his team’s research. For example, these are used in the production of drugs against Alzheimer’s disease or malaria and offer cheaper, more accessible and more sustainable alternatives to established methods.

Following the lecture, the participants discussed the impor­tance of cooperation between the natural and social sciences and the conditions under which such inter­disciplinary partnership can succeed.

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