“What Is Research Allowed to Do? On the Freedom and Limits of Science”

Leopoldina debate with Una Jakob

The debate revolves around questions that are important for both researchers and society: Are there limits to the freedom of research? And if so, where are they and who determines them?

Experts from the fields of biosafety, animal testing, environmental and climate research, bioweapons and chemical weapons have been invited to answer these questions. From the perspective of their respective disciplines, they are asked to provide examples of how far research can go in order to achieve research goals and where the limits (must) lie. The scientists will discuss these and other controversial issues of freedom of research with interested citizens in the debate. During the debate, all participants can make their position clear by choosing and changing their seat. The debate is taking place as part of the “Science Year 2024 - Freedom”.

The event will be held in German and moderated by Susan Schädlich and Michael Stang.

More information on the debate can be found on the event website of Leopoldina.

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