Info about CNTR

Info about CNTR

CNTR is the abbreviation for:

Cluster for Natural and Technical Science
Arms Control Research.

Cluster means here,

that several bodies work together.

These are the bodies:

  1. PRIF:
    PRIF is the abbreviation for
    Peace Research Institute Frankfurt.
  2. TU Darmstadt:
    TU Darmstadt is the
    Technical University in Darmstadt.
  3. JLU Gießen
    JLU Gießen is the
    Justus Liebig University in Gießen.

Frankfurt, Darmstadt, and Gießen

are cities in Germany.

There are many scientists at CNTR.

For example, from these areas:

  • biology, 
  • chemistry,
  • physics, and
  • politics.

The scientists do research together.

Research means:

Experts study a specific topic.

They want to discover something new.

The research of CNTR is about,

for example:

  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • 3D printing,
  • weapons,
  • rockets, and
  • drones.

These are things

that are often used in wars.

CNTR wants to understand

how these things work.

CNTR also wants there to be fewer wars.

And there should be good arms control.

Arming means:

Buying or making weapons for a war.

Arms control means:

Several countries agree on

which weapons are allowed.

And they also say

how many weapons are allowed.

CNTR does a lot of research.

But it also has other tasks:

  • It advises politicians.
  • It talks to other scientists.
  • It informs many people:
    • through the website, and
    • through the CNTR monitor.

The CNTR monitor is a magazine.

The magazine says

what was important in the year.

For example: new research results.

There is a new magazine every year.

CNTR receives money for research.

The money comes from the German Foreign Office.

This is a federal government agency.

But CNTR can decide for itself

what it wants to research.

Text: © Petra Eppig, Büro für einfache und Leichte Sprache, November 2023

Images: © Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung Bremen e.V., Illustrator Stefan Albers

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