Statement on Accessibility

Statement on Accessibility

The statement on accessibility is for the website

The statement is from 11 October 2023.

All people should be able to use our website.

We are working on it.

The website should be accessible.

Accessible means:

There are no barriers.

Rules for accessibility are written in law.

The laws are:

  • German Act on Equal Opportunities for

    Persons with Disabilities,

    short: BGG

  • German Barrier free Information Technology


    short: BITV

We have checked our website.

We found:

Not everything is accessible yet.

This is still missing:

There is no sign language yet.


Do you have questions?

Have you found a barrier?

You can write a message to:

Elisabeth Waczek

Knowledge Transfer Officer

PRIF – Peace Research

Institute Frankfurt

Baseler Straße 27–31

60329 Frankfurt am Main


E-mail: waczek(at)

Enforcement Procedure

Have you reported a barrier to us?

Have you not received an answer?

Or are you not satisfied with the answer?

Then you can submit a request.

You submit the request to the Arbitration Service.

The Arbitration Service helps people with disabilities.

It helps to find a good solution.

You can reach the Arbitration Service at:

E-mail: info(at)

More information is on the website

of the Arbitration Service:

Information on Arbitration Service

Text: © Petra Eppig, Büro für einfache und Leichte Sprache, November 2023

Images: © Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung Bremen e.V.,

Illustrator Stefan Albers

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