STEM in Peace and Conflict Studies

Online event by Junge AFK with Liska Suckau

What does/can STEM do in peace and conflict research?

Peace and Conflict Studies - That's only political sciences, right? The Junge AFK is holding a three-part web series on natural and technical science based Peace and Conflict Studies with young researchers from the field. For CNTR, Liska Suckau will participate at the first event and give an insight about her career and research. This event addresses students and PhD students with a background in natural and technical sciences interested in getting to know more about career opportunities in and Peace and Conflict Studies in general. 

The Junge AFK Working Group is aimed at researchers who are active in the interdisciplinary field of peace and conflict research. In this context, “young” academics refers to researchers of all generations who have only recently become involved in this field of research. The working group would like to work towards reducing hierarchies between established and non-established researchers in peace and conflict research. Researchers should be encouraged to freely develop their own perspectives in the research field and to contrast their own research profitably with established concepts, theories and methods.

The event will be held online via Zoom.

More information about the three-part web series can be found on the website of the Junge AFK.

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