Russian Allegations of Biological Weapons Activities in Ukraine

Izumi Nakamitsu, High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, briefs the Security Council meeting on threats to international peace and security.
PRIF Blog by Una Jakob, Gunnar Jeremias, Alexander Kelle, Thilo Marauhn, Oliver Meier, Kathryn Nixdorff, Ralf Trapp and Barry de Vries

Russia has accused Ukraine of working on biological weapons and the United States and Germany of providing support. These allegations are unfounded. There are no indications of such activities, which would be prohibited by the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC). Germany, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the United States are BWC states parties. NATO and Western countries have voiced concerns that Russia may use these allegations as pretext to employ chemical weapons in the war against Ukraine.

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Jakob, Una; Jeremias, Gunnar; Kelle, Alexander; Marauhn, Thilo; Meier, Oliver; Nixdorff, Kathryn; Trapp, Ralf; de Vries, Barry. “Russian Allegations of Biological Weapons Activities in Ukraine.” PRIF Blog, 22.3.2022.

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