The Arrow 3 missile defense system: A questionable procurement

Coast with Arrow 3 missile light trail in sky
PRIF Blog by Frank Kuhn (in German)

The German government is procuring the Israeli-American Arrow 3 missile defense system for around four billion euros. The purchase was met with widespread approval in political circles in Berlin, but it has raised eyebrows internationally. Unlike the existing Patriot and the recently ordered Iris-T air defense system of the German armed forces, Arrow 3 is not at all suitable for intercepting Russian ballistic or cruise missiles. Other explanations for the acquisition are also unconvincing. This means that the German government has yet to provide the German public with an answer as to what threats it intends to use the system against in the future.

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Kuhn, Frank. “Das Raketenabwehrsystem Arrow 3: Eine fragliche Beschaffung.” PRIF Blog, 25.8.2023.

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